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What our clients are saying about us.

Occupational Therapy Testimonials

"Our son is always very excited when going to do occupational therapy it helped him a lot! He is more calm and pays attention.  The therapists are great and very helpful.  Every kid should try this therapy." 

   - K.S.

 “Our son is more attentive, he is doing different activities and has already begun to say syllables and some words.  We are amazed and grateful for these enormous advances.”

  - C.M.

Amanda Moody uses equine-assisted Occupational Therapy to help a boy.

Physical Therapy Testimonials

Boy raises his hands to hold up a bar with rings as he sits on a horse during a therapy session at Trio Therapy Partners.

"Our daughter has more strength in her back. She sits with more stability in her neck and is able to turn right and left now."

   - A & M.D.C.

“Receiving physical therapy and using the horse's movement made a huge difference after my car accident.  It has made me mentally, emotionally, and physically stronger.”

  - A.S.

Mental Health Testimonials

"My Granddaughter no longer wanted to be around other people.  She had become very mistrustful and didn't want to participate in anything.  She has learned to trust again through her work with the horses and is ready to participate in life again."

  - C.S.

 “My child has been able to process a traumatic event and the on-going processing of her parents divorce through her work with the horses, therapists and instructors."

  - L.S.

Girl looking excited a she works wi  horse and therapist with a horse at Trio Therpy Partners.
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